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Internet Explorer Users Low IQ Report A Hoax

A report, which managed to spread itself around the world and get reported by international news websites including the BBC, CNN and the Daily Telegraph has turned out to be a hoax.

The story was regarding users of the worlds most popular web browser, internet explorer, with claims that online research by consultancy company ‘Aptiquant’ had showed that they had the lowest IQ’s of all internet users. Going in to more detail it claimed the average IQ of an IE user was in the low 80’s, whilst Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari users were more intelligent with an average IQ of over 100, whilst users of lesser known browsers ‘Opera’ and ‘Camino’ had the highest IQ’s, averaging over 120.

The story was exposed as a hoax when it turned out that the website of  ‘Aptiquant’ had only been set up in the past month, and the thumbnail pictures of its staff were identical to those of a French company, just with changed names – along with the fact that an average IQ of 80 for the most popular browser in the world would not bode well for the intelligence of humanity!

Whilst this story turned out to be false, and Internet Explorer users are spared blushes, we still encourage all of our customers to move away from the browser and choose either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox due to security concerns about IE.

We do however, ensure that all of our websites are search engine friendly and compatible with browsers across the board, so you can always get the best, most authentic user experience.

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