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IE6 Users – Stop it!

Recently released figures have shown that Microsoft’s 2001 internet browser – Internet Explorer 6 -is still being used by 12% of people worldwide and even 3% here in the UK.

It more often than not makes notable appearances in ‘worst tech ever’ lists and has been heavily criticised since its release for its terrible security and endless threats that each of its users face, it has still been receiving regular patches for new security vulnerabilities despite being almost 10 years old.

Even Microsoft themselves are trying to get people away from using that version of the browser, and other companies – most notably Google – have lessened or even stopped supporting it altogether.

At Dijitul we are a split office of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome users, however we ensure all our websites are compatible with all web browsers as we respect different people use different ones.

However, we want to once again raise our voice and say to everyone, stop using IE6! we make our websites are secure as possible, but why would you want to risk using IE6 and having someone take control of your online shop for example? with those details, people with bad intentions could do anything. Do the sensible thing, and update your browser!

For more information regarding internet browser safety and safe, secure web design, give our friendly team a call on 01623 650333.

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