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The Growing ‘Virtual High Street’

Industry figures have suggested that, as expected, more and more people are turning to card payments and online purchasing rather than the traditional ‘cash in the shop’ method.

In 2010, the £288bn spent using debit card purchases (a 9.4% increase) actually outstripped cash payments which totalled £266bn. Internet shopping – particularly through the heavy shopping periods such as Christmas – is thought to be the reason behind this big increase in card payments as e-commerce continues to become more and more popular every year.

Its easy to see why, being able to shop whenever you feel, from the comfort of your own home, and compare prices and products with just a few clicks of the mouse, easy. These figures should be a wake up call for any business owners who are yet to take their business online, the amount of profit you will be missing out on is huge, and failure to evolve along with modern life, could ultimately lead to business failure.

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