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Google+1 Button Now 3 Times Faster

Search engine giant, big time player in the internet browser market, and now the newest serious contender in the social networking wars, Google, have announced that their ‘+1’ button has been made three times faster.

The social button, which appears next to Google search results – for those signed in – and also on many websites – including this one – is much like rival Facebook’s ‘Like’ button, and provides the opportunity for people to share a page or website they like with their social networking friends on Google+ with ease and simplicity.

The button has been improved by using an ‘asynchronous snippet’ which allows your web page to load whilst the browser downloads the JavaScript for the +1 button, which simply makes the whole process quicker and more smoothly. The only down side is, those who already have the +1 button on their website, will have to manually download this update, otherwise it will remain the same.

This is the latest in a string of moves from Google to try and displace Facebook as the market leader in social networking, and also continue to dominate across the board in all of its ventures, news about another new update, Panda 2.3, can be found on the Dijitul Blog, whilst we will have news of other, larger update tomorrow!

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