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Google+ Usage Dropping

Since its release at the end of June, Google+ has had a fantastic start to life, managing to gain 25million users in its first month – rather impressive when biggest rival Facebook took 10 months to reach 1million – however, new statistics from Experian Hitwise has shown that some of the novelty is wearing off, and the number of users of the Google social network are dropping week on week.

After its fantastic start it managed a peak of 1.86million users in one week at the end of July, however since then has seen fairly significant drops, with 1.79million the next week, and continuing to drop to 1.16million users last week.

It is worth noting that these statistics only include direct visits to the website, and do not take into account mobile traffic or visits from the Google+ notification bar, however, one thing is for certain, that the number of weekly users are dropping, and if Google are to keep up their fantastic early momentum in the quest to topple Facebook, they need to get the name Google+ out more to the regular internet user, and get those numbers back up.

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