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Google+ Tops 10million Users

According to research from Paul Allen, founder of, Google’s new social network, Google+ will very soon welcome its 10millionth user – if it hasn’t already that is.

Mr Allen used surname popularity from the US census bureau he claims he managed to work out the number of people who had signed up for the new social network from the search giant, and he also claimed that if the button to invite friends remained on the site, then the figure could reach  anything as high as 20million by the weekend.

Google have not yet confirmed any official figures, but it is widely accepted that the user numbers have been high due to the previously mentioned ‘insane demand’ only days after the release.

Google+ has generally had a very positive reception, especially for its ‘circles’ friend grouping, however Google’s vice president of social Vic Gondotra has said that here has been ‘Lots of criticism for Google+. We are listening and working to address. Stay tuned for changes this week.’

Having over 10million users in such a short space of time would be a fantastic figure for Google as they hope to finally establish themselves in the social media market, however they still have a long way to go to become anywhere near the 300million estimated Twitter users, and the 750million on main rival, Facebook.

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