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Google Step Up For Viral Marketing

Following the purchase of several other companies to widen their market grip, Google have struck once again, this time purchasing an aid for one of their more established children.

Irish company ‘Green Parrot Pictures’ who specialise in image processing to improve things such as camera sharpness and shake, have been purchased so as to use their technology on the Google owned video sharing website Youtube.

Green Parrot’s technology, which has been used in some Hollywood action films such as  X-Men and Spiderman is reportedly going to be used on all youtube videos, whilst they are being uploaded, so that they all become much crisper and clearer.

This sounds like good news all round – except for youtubes competitors – as it could make the youtube video viewing experience much clearer and more enjoyable, and it also further presses a case for viral marketing.

With technology in place to improve videos during upload, it means more and more companies can go down the route of viral marketing – making a video to advertise your business – as it will be in even clearer definition, and going out to millions of people.

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