Google+ Scam Widening

Just days after the launch of new social networking platform, Google+, there are reports that a Canadian hacking group have been sending scam ‘invites’ to people, which then take them to a pharmaceutical website rather than the social network.

The invite only beta format of Google+ was picked upon by the group known as ‘Partnerka’ and they have reportedly sent emails with fake invites which apparently look very similar to the actual ones, only for the user to have their hopes dashed when they arrive at a website selling viagra.

A statement from security firm Sophos said that the attack was very ‘amateur’ and not many people would fall for it as it still requires the user to enter their details on the pharmaceutical site for any to be taken, however the emails are still being sent in growing numbers.

Users have been warned to not enter their details into any untrusted websites and to check the identity of who sends you any Google+ related emails.

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