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Google To Release Social Network?

The internet has for a while now been dominated by two giants of the online world, search engine and pretty much anything else they can get their hands on masters, Google and the 600million user strong social network Facebook.

Any searches for anything technology related will doubtlessly bring up something related to one of these two goliaths, and endless discussions over who will reign supreme in the battle, will Facebook become the prime website for people to search, or will the power of Google’s combined collection of websites lead to prolonged internet dominance.

At the moment, its been pretty finely balanced, however, Google are reportedly planning to go head to head with Facebook on a single platform. Reports are rife that at their annual ‘Google I/O’ event, Google have plans to unveil their own social networking site to rival Facebook.

‘Google Circles’ is the rumoured title for the website, and whilst Google have so far refused to confirm any details on new releases, previous years have seen ‘Google TV’ and ‘Google Wave’ both released at the event.

The first question running through my mind upon learning this, is will it work? Google is an internationally known name, the most used search engine, and their browser Google Chrome is becoming more and more popular, however, can even Google get away with simply ‘revinventing the wheel’ and bring down Facebook with something that will more than likely be pretty similar? or will there be something so new and attractive that Google does to Facebook, what Facebook did to Myspace and practically kill its social side.

Either way, it confirms two things, social media marketing and networking is going to continue to grow, and the internet has a heck of a battle coming up.

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