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Google To Release Chrome Laptops

During the second day of its annual I/O conference, search and internet giant Google have officially announced that they will release their own brand of laptops – so called ‘chromebooks’.

The laptops, which will first go on sale in June for between $349 and $499, will be driven by the Google chrome browser and aim to encourage users to use online applications rather than traditional desktop services.

They say that this will help greatly increase the speed of the devices in comparison to traditional laptops – starting up in ‘8 seconds instead of minutes’. Along with the incredible speeds, Google claim the chromebook will have a battery life of 1 day, and automatic security updates. They will also automatically connect to a favoured wireless network, and the more advanced models will have 100 hours of built in 3G internet so they can be used anywhere.

The machines have been met with some scepticism, for example from Steven Levy at Wired who believes that whilst the idea of completely net based computing is ‘the future’ and a ‘nudge in the right direction’ issues such as connectivity and speed will cause many users to stick with the traditional desktop and offline software style of computing for the time being.

Whether he is correct, or whether Google will strike another blow to competitor Microsoft, will be seen in the coming months, however one thing is for sure, more and more people are getting online, and its an opportunity which business owners cannot miss out on.

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