Google Realtime Search To Return

Following its shut down in early July, Google have confirmed that their realtime search function is set to return.

The service, which provided searchers with a constantly updating real time results taken from Twitter of people discussing or mentioning the search term in their discussions, was rather popular however was discontinued after Google and Twitter failed to agree terms on renewing the contract for the service.

However, it is now to be relaunched – with Google’s own new social network Google+ being the main focal point for the results, meaning people will be met with status updates and public discussions surrounding the searched term, rather than a collection of tweets. It is also thought other social services are intended as part of the new realtime, however nothing is yet confirmed.

The return of realtime search will no doubt be welcomed by many – I myself found it quite handy – however a Google+ only timeline would probably fail to have same impact due to its smaller userbase than Twitter and a more industry specific demographic of users.

Either way though, this is further proof that Google are pushing forward more than ever in their efforts to become a true player in the social networking business.

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