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Google Reaches 1 Billion Users

Data figures released from Comscore have revealed that search engine giant Google and their associated websites were visited 1billion times during May. This landmark figure is the first for any company, and goes to show the immense popularity of Google as a search engine, along with its android, Gmail and Youtube services.

These statistics show an 8.4% rise of users on year, and 50% more than the number of users they had when the first survey was done back in 2006, where they had just shy of 500million, and Microsoft was top with 569million.

The new statistics show the evolution of the internet over the past 5 years, with Google’s 1billion followed up by Microsoft in second place with 905million (a 15% increase) and Facebook in third after a 30% increase took the social networking giant to 714million unique users throughout the month. Yahoo meanwhile fell to fourth despite an 11% yearly rise taking it to 689million users.

These figures show the power of the internet, and how marketing via the internet can help your business, with Google and Facebook extremely popular.

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