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Google Promise Greater Privacy Controls

Google chairman Eric Schmidt has made a promise to users that they will simplify the process by which they agree to share their personal data. There has been some criticism recently – including a debate in the US senate – over how much data is stored on mobile handsets, particularly on Google’s ‘Android’ operating system .

Speaking at a UK conference, Schmidt said that they did offer the chance for users to opt out of data sharing such as with its location services, however admitted that the process needed to be greatly simplified, something which he said would definitely be happening, with ideas including a revised Google Dashboard, where users can see what data they have shared with the search giant.

He did warn however, that Google could not be a ‘vacuum cleaner for the whole internet’ meaning they could only control the data you shared with Google and not other websites, he also stressed that by sharing data with Google, it helps improve their services, such as refining targeted search.

This may provide some reassurance to the many users of Google, following months over privacy, data handling, and tweaked SEO algorithms – but only if it gets done properly, half hearted changes will please no one!

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