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Google Pays $500m In Drugs Row

Search engine giant Google has agreed to pay out a massive $500million (£305million) settlement after facing accusations that they allowed Canadian pharmaceutical companies to use their adwords service to advertise in America.

The payment of this sum will mean that the company avoid any legal action, as the importation of most drugs from foreign pharmacies is illegal in the United States.

Under the terms of the settlement, Google admitted it had improperly aided the Canadian pharmacies in marketing their products to the American public.

Despite the fact that the payment is of half a billion US dollars, this revelation is expected to have more of an impact in Google’s reputation than their finances, as they made a mind boggling $29.3bn turnover in 2010 alone, and continue to make many millions more every week from the¬†adwords¬†services.

Although saying that, I doubt that the hundreds of millions of people who use Google every day will stop now, I certainly won’t, so it looks like business as usual for the search market leader

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