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Google Music Locker On The Way?

On the eve of Google’s annual I/O conference, reports are rife of an android ‘Music Locker’ amongst other things. The event which has in past years been used to unveil Google Chrome and Google TV is thought to be primarily focusing on Android developments this year, with no new hardware thought to be ready for release.

Two major talking points which have recently surfaced, are a Google ‘music locker’ style service, and also Movie Rentals. The ‘music locker’ is speculated to allow users to sync their android mobile phones to a cloud based music service on a different device, along with providing the ability to buy songs.

This goes hand in hand with the large expectation that movie rentals will become available through android after Google gained the right to provide movie rentals in America through YouTube – it is hard to envisage them holding the licenses but not using them for android. Either way, it will be interesting to see  what Google have up their sleeves.

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