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Google and Microsoft Enter War Of Words.

With Blekko still in relative obscurity and the Yahoo! search results now being powered by Microsoft’s Bing, there are only 2 main players in the search engine and SEO world, Google, and Microsoft.

There is no doubting that Google are, and for years have been, the dominant search force, pulling in over 70% of all searches in the US alone for January 2011. At the same time, Bing is beginning to come to prominence as the main competitor to Google, despite recieving a lot smaller search share.

However, tensions have recently risen between the 2 search engines, as senior Google figures have accused Bing of ‘cheating’ by simply using Googles search results as their own. Google have revealed their ‘proof’ of this by having websites appear for completely random unrelated search terms, such as ‘hiybbprqag’ and, lo and behold, these strange unsearchable terms began to provide the same results on Bing.

Bing have issued a statement where they neither fully admit to, or deny this, simply saying they use a range of methods to collect their search results, including users opting in to share their searching information.

Either way, on face value, Googles investigation seems to have exposed Bings underhanded tactics as they constantly strive to put a halt to the Google freight train of internet dominance.

At the end of the day however, Google are, and remain to be, the ‘masters’ of search, the phrase ‘Google It’ is so widely used now it would not be a shock to see it in the dictionary in the future. We concentrate heavily on Google at Dijitul as we constantly work to get our own and our clients websites as high up the SERP’s as possible, as we do with all search engines.

For more information on SEO, whether it be Google, Bing or just in general, please call the friendly Dijitul team on 01623 650333.

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