Google+ Launched To Take On Facebook

Search engine giant Google have taken another step to try and dethrone Facebook with their latest attempt at a social network.

Google’s attempts in the past – Google Wave and Google Buzz – have failed to generate the required interest, however Google+ has 4 features which they believe can turn them in to a permanent player in the social networking industry.

  • Circles – A function which allows people to place friends into specific groups, and then sh are different levels with information and content with each group.
  • Hang Outs – Live, multi-user video conferencing which permits friends to drop in and out of live group conversations.
  • Huddle – Group Instant Messaging
  • Sparks – A feature which connects individuals to others with similar interests.

The current version of Google+ is only available to a limited number of people, and has currently met that capacity, however they hope to release it to the wider public soon and begin to eat away at Facebook’s massive market share.

Critics of Google+ have said the idea sounds to similar to Facebook for it to work, but with the above mentioned key features, along with integration with Youtube and Google Maps, Google may have their first real competitor to match up to Google.

There is also doubt over whether Google+ can get the devoted Facebook users to break off from their social circles and make a fresh start with Google+, however if they can get even a fraction of their search traffic to sign up, they will have a truly strong competitor to Facebooks near 700million strong army.

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