Google+ Has ‘Insane’ Demand

The invitation mechanism for Google’s new social network ‘Google+’ had to be shut down after only a day due to what was described as ‘insane demand’.

Much like with their Gmail service, Google only rolled out the new network to a selection of people, and gave each of the invited people around 12 invites of their own to pass onto friends, before giving out ‘thousands’ more invitations on wednesday, which then led to chaos.

People without invites reportedly took to Twitter and began sharing secrets on how to register with the site without an invitation, which then caused Google to shut the service down with Google’s Head Of Social Vic Gundotra saying We’ve shut down invite mechanism for the night. Insane demand. We need to do this carefully, and in a controlled way.”

Following the failed attempts of Google Buzz and Google Wave, this is expected to be Google’s most serious challenger in the social networking world as they attempt to take on Facebook.

Google have played down the impact of the initial demand, saying ‘this is the Google+ project, we still haven’t launched Google+ in its entirety’. Either way though, if the demand continues as it has been, Google+ could well join Facebook and Twitter in the big leagues of social networking.

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