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Google Increase Speed Of Search

Google have made further steps to increase the speed at which users get the information they are looking for.

The 2 newest updates see the introduction of Google ‘Instant Pages’ and also Voice Search. The instant pages update will take the already used ‘Google Instant’ – which brings up search results whilst typing – to the next level as itĀ pre loadsĀ the result it believes you are most likely to click in the background, something which Google says will shave an estimated ‘ 2 to 5 seconds’ off the amount of time it takes for a web page to load.

The other, voice search, is rather self explanatory, as Google chrome users will be able to click on a small microphone button – expected to be added in the next few days – and speak their search term which Google will when search. Despite some scepticism over how well this would work it is already used on some mobile devices, and at its revealing it was proven that it is able to understand the difference between ‘Worcester, Massachusetts’ and ‘Wooster Collge’ two words spoken the same, but spelt differently.

Google will hope that these new innovations help it strengthen its lead at the top of the search engine market, as the joint Bing/Yahoo! effort continue to slowly eat into its market share, with the most recent figures seeing Bing on 14%, Yahoo! on 15.9% and Google on 66%.

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