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Google+ Hangouts Is Added To Youtube

Google have officially added the ‘Hangouts’ feature from their Google+ social network directly to their popular video sharing website Youtube.

The hangout feature, which is already available on Google+ itself allows for group webcam chat with friends, via text or audio, and lets the group watch Youtube videos together in the chat window, and now this can be started directly from a Youtube video.

Google+ users who are signed in will simply have to press the ‘share’ button underneath any video, and then, along with options to embed the video, like it or +1 it, they will also have the chance to “Watch with your friends. Start a Google+ Hangout”.

This move it seen as a way to widen social interaction, and draw more people to Google+ so that they can watch videos and socialise with friends with ease.

It comes only a few days after a Facebook executive criticsed Google+ for saying it has no originality and no fans, however the 25million they have amassed in two months, when it took Facebook 10 months to reach 1million, suggests that whilst Google still have a long way to go in the social networking market, they certainly have made a very positive start.

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