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Google to focus on Social Media

Last week, one of Google’s founders – Larry Page – took over as the head of the company once again, replacing Eric Schmidt who is now the companies executive chairman, and has already began to make his mark.

Page sent out a memo – which was leaked on the internet – to the 23,000 strong Google workforce, outlining his 2 biggest goals, cutting bureaucracy, and succeeding in the social media sector, where Facebook continues to dominate.

He is, in fact, so serious about the company making strides with its social media outlets, that he announced in the memo that 25% of each employees annual bonus would depend on social media success.

A spokesperson from Google was unavailable for comment regarding the agenda, however, with facebook continuing to grow every day, and reports that Google are already working on their own social network, you would not be stupid for predicting big moves in the seo and social media world in the coming months.

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