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Google Face Paypal Legal Attack

In the latest in a long line of disputes surrounding Google, Paypal are the latest to point accusations in the direction of the technology and search giant.

Following Google’s launch of their new ‘Google Wallet’ service in the USA on Thursday, Paypal have alleged that Google ‘misappropriated trade secrets’ and ‘poached their staff’ when preparing the launch of the wallet service.

‘Google Wallet’, is a ‘wave and pay’ service available on android smartphones and will allow users to pay for products using their mobile phones, by waving them past ‘mastercard contactless’ points of sale, along with providing exclusive mobile offers, and a history of spending.

Paypal themselves are planning to enter the mobile wallet market in the coming months – along with Apple – however they claim that former employee Osama Bedier – who is now Google’s vice president  of payments – took information regarding paypals service and used them at Google to get ahead in the market.

A lawyer for Google stated that they had not recieved a complaint and could therefore not comment on the situation, however Paypal claim they will sue for ‘reasonable royalty for Google and Bedier’s misappropriation of trade secrets’ – something Google could probably do without following previous battles with Facebook, Microsoft and the Korean authorities.

Whatever happens regarding the legalities over Google and Paypal, one thing is for sure, contactless and mobile payments are sure to hugely bridge the gap between offline spending and online ecommerce.

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