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Google Chrome Overtakes Firefox In UK

Google’s constant strive to achieve complete domination in every area of internet has showed no signs of stopping over recent weeks, and newly released stats have showed they are still making ground in major areas.

Not only has social network Google+ had a very healthy start to life with some suggesting it has over 20 million users already, but internet browser Google Chrome which launched 3 years ago has now become the second most popular internet browser in the UK.

Having overtaken long time second place browser ‘Mozilla Firefox’ Google Chrome is now used by nearly 1 in 4 UK web users, with a 22% market share, and eating in to the 45% that leader internet explorer holds. Apple’s Safari sits fourth with 9%.

Chrome is also the third most used browser in the entire world, again sitting just behind Firefox and the leader Internet Explorer.

Google will have a rather tough task taking trying to dislodge Internet Explorer from its throne  as market leader as IE comes preinstalled in almost every PC sold throughout the country, however Google’s speed, usability, huge finances and the fact it is now advertising Google Chrome on British television, shows the seriousness with which they are taking this challenge.

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