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Google Chrome OS Ready For Release?

A stable version of Google’s Microsoft rivalling operating system ‘Chrome OS’ is now available, fuelling huge rumours of the full version being unveiled at Google’s annual I/O conference in May.

It is thought that the operating system will be ‘lightweight’, as more and more tasks are completable online and do not require large amounts of desktop computing power. The operating system is currently being tested on ‘experimental’ laptops being distributed throughout America for free, however they are unbranded so as not to give away what the final Google OS machines will look like – although its reported that the caps lock will be replaced by a ‘search’ button.

Google has been keen to stress that the operating system will be closely integrated with the hardware it comes with, however the stable versions creation does hint that it will soon be ready for commercial sale and usage on different machines.

With Google dominating the search and seo market with its search engine, and the smartphone world with ‘android’, it would take a brave person to bet against them making big waves in the OS world too.

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