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Google Chairman Criticises Education In UK

Chairman and former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt has criticised I.T education in the UK during his ‘MacTaggart Lecture’ at the ‘Edinburgh International Television Festival’.

The 56 year old became the first none broadcaster to speak at the lecture, and used this time to express his feelings, saying “If I may be so impolite, your track record isn’t great”. He said that whilst the UK had invented photography, television, and computers ‘in both concept and practice’, none of the leaders in these industries are even from the UK anymore.

He pointed that blame partly at the fact that computer science is not taught in UK schools, and I.T lessons are all about using software rather than learning about how its made, he later called for a return to the ‘glory days of the Victorian Age’ where Art, Science, Engineering and Maths came together to take the forefront in education.

In his speech he also spoke about how he believes that the internet and television were converging, with more social and interactive layers being added on to Television programmes – later dismissing claims that Google are a ‘foe’ of TV.

These are just a few of the topics touched upon during his speech – also claiming that Google would pay more UK tax if asked, but the government doesn’t demand¬†any more¬† – and raised some very good points.

Personally, having learnt more in a year with dijitul than in 5 years of school I.T lessons, I can see exactly where Mr Schmidt is coming from with his claims, and do too believe that more of a push needs to be given in the UK.

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