Former Google CEO Praises UK

Former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt has praised the UK and claimed that its ‘path to prosperity’ is through the online world.

Mr Schmidt praised the countries entrepreneurialism and willingness to embrace new technology, mainly due to the fact that the UK is the worlds leading nation in eCommerce, outdoing the ‘traditional’ technological giants such as the United States and China.

He also makes mention of the fact that UK internet spending in 2009 was worth an estimated £100billion – 7.2% of GPP – and that even ‘conservative’ estimates suggest that this will increase to 10% of GDP by 2015.

Schmidt also pointed out that of the 90million businesses in the world, less than 25% have a website, and strongly endorsed digital marketing, using the example of ‘ScotWeb’ who make 80% of their £1.5million turnover from their website. He finished by saying that he believed ‘when I look at the weakest parts of the global economy, I have no doubt that these small businesses, many of them here in the UK, will lead us to recovery’.

With an endorsement from someone who spent 10 years at the head of a multi-billion dollar business, what more encouragement do you need to take your business the next step and get online? If you would like more information about getting your business online, then please call the friendly Web Design Nottingham team on 01623 650333.


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