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Google+ For Business In Development

Google have confirmed that their new social network Google+ will welcome businesses – but not until later in the year.

Much in the same way many businesses create business pages on Facebook to promote their brand to the hundreds of millions of users online, many are thought to be anticipating being able to do the same on Google+ and according to product manager Christian Oestilen it will happen although they may ‘have to wait a while longer’.

Oestilen said¬†“We have a great team of engineers actively building an amazing Google+ experience for businesses, and we will have something to show the world later this year. The business experience we’re creating should far exceed the consumer profile in terms of its usefulness to businesses.”

Until that time comes however, Google are trying to discourage businesses from setting up accounts using regular profiles, with Oestilen adding¬†“Our policy team will actively work with profile owners to shut down non-user profiles,”

So, theres the official word, don’t go trying to set up a business account with a regular profile just yet, but in the coming months, another fantastic online social marketing opportunity could arise when Google+ finally welcomes business.

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