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Facebook Used By Half The UK

The vice president of Facebook Europe has revealed  the amazing statistic that apparently half of the UK’s population – around 30million people, are now signed up to the social networking site.

This is a truly remarkable statistic, when considered, one in every two people you see has a facebook account – and there are a lot of children and pensioners in this country, making it likely that a huge percentage of teenagers and adults are online.

We are all facebook users ourselves, but the growth and size of facebook is still an immense thing, half the UK, and well over half a billion people worldwide, all on one website.

She (Joanna Shields, Vice President) also added that the average user has 130 friends who they often share links with to businesses and websites.

This information alone should havin alarm bells ringing for anyone who is yet to get their business on facebook and online altogether, with half of the country there, available for you to market to for free, its an irresistable opportunity you cannot afford to miss.

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