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Facebook Release Mobile Messenger

Social networking giant Facebook has released an iPhone and Android dedicated messaging app which they say they want to use to ‘replace’ text messaging.

It is already possible to send instant messages through the Facebook website, however this newest app allows the messages to be sent directly to phones via SMS and also provides location data. This release is only available in the United States at the current time, however it is expected to be rolled out to other countries shortly, and comes around a month before Apple are planning to release a similar product.

Inevitably, the service has drawn comparisons to Blackberry Messenger (BBM) and has raised a fair few eyebrows throughout the industry after such social media platforms and apps have been much maligned for their usage in organising looting and violence during the riots in London and throughout England.

In fact, Prime Minister David Cameron has even admitted that the possibility of social media outlets such as Twitter and BBM could be temporarily closed during any future disorder to prevent it being used to organise and encourage violence

Social media potentially replacing the text message, and being discussed in parliament, well, those who say its a big deal must be correct then!

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