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Facebook Ran Google Smear Campaign

News has come to light that social networking leader Facebook hired a PR agency to run a smear campaign against competitor and search engine giant Google.

Facebook have admitted to hiring the PR company, Burston-Marseller, however deny the fact it was a ‘smear campaign’ and claim it was to expose things which Google was doing that “raised privacy concerns”. The story was broken after blogger Chris Soghain released an email conversation he held with the PR company Burston-Marseller regarding a smear campaign to release several stories about Google’s privacy issues.

Facebook partly tried to justify their actions by saying they ‘resented’ the fact Google use Facebooks data in their own social services, however in the end, this just puts more shadiness over the image of 2 companies who have had plenty of issues regarding privacy in the past few months, and leaves the ‘friendly Californian surfer dude company’ image in tatters – it won’t do much good for Burston-Marseller either!

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