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Facebook Pay For Bug Discovery

Social networking giant Facebook has paid out around $40,000 (£25,000) in the first 21 days of its ‘bug bounty program’.

The aim of the program is to encourage users to help harden Facebook’s defences against attacks, by rewarding those who discover and report security bugs within the website.

The program runs alongside Facebook’s own efforts to ‘police’ the code which keeps the 750million user site running and has seen one security researcher awarded $7000 (£4293) for discovering six security flaws.

The minimum amount paid out for a bug would be $500, whilst the maximum would be $5000 – which has already been paid once – according to a blog post by Facebook chief security office Joe Sullivan.

In the past Facebook has been a target for the cyber criminals and vandals amongst the reported ‘1 million’ developers who are on Facebook, and hacking group anonymous have previously threatened that on 5th November they will hack and ‘take down’ Facebook for good – a tall claim, but it looks as if Facebook are using their endless stream of cash to build themselves an army fit to defend it from any future attacks, and also try to silence those who criticise it for being unsafe.

Either way, a few things are certain, Facebook is still very popular, a fantastic place to market your business for free, and if you’re looking to make some money, get bug hunting!

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