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Facebook Launch Tag Suggestions

Social network giant Facebook have launched their new ‘Tag Suggestions’ function – among some concerns and annoyance over the privacy issues it brings about.

The new function apparently scans newly uploaded photographs, ‘recognises’ a friends face and then prompts the user to tag that person in the photo. Facebook have said that the purpose of the function is to speed up the process of tagging friends in photo’s, however it has been met of complains over privacy issues and people who were not asked whether they wanted to activate the service.

Whilst the option is available to ‘opt-out’ of being tagged, people are still unhappy at the fact they can be suggested for tags in photos without being asked first – the latest in a long line of Facebook privacy issues.

In the past there has been controversy over¬†Facebook¬†privacy policy, stating that everything should be private by default, with people left to open up their account if desired, rather than than opposite way round. Moves were made to simplify the networks privacy policy, however more has still been called for – although founder Mark Zuckerberg has made no secret of his belief that the web ‘should be social’.

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