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The Facebook Domination Continues

Having become the dominant force in a dominant sector of internet (social networking) have having over 500 million registered users, it was difficult to see what more Facebook could take over, however, recent figures released by ‘comScore’ show that Facebook has ranked top of another survey.

With 68.7 billion online advertisements in the 3rd quarter of this year alone, Facebook is now the UK’s number 1 platform for online marketing, easily beating computing and software giant Microsoft and all its umbrella companies into second place who had a 13.7 billion share of the estimated 221 billion advertisements British web users were exposed to during the past 3 months.

Ecommerce giant Ebay was a 3rd most popular online advertising platform with 8.8billion ads, whilst search engine king Google had 8.2billion making it 4th, Yahoo’s 7.7billion¬† rounded off the top 5.
These figures show that with the economic downturn and recession that recently swept the business world, companies are turning more and more to the internet as a platform to market their products, and we can see why, the internet is such a huge part of many peoples lives, its the perfect place to spread your brand name.

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