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Facebook Claim Google+ Has ‘No Users’

Senior Facebook executive Sean Ryan has criticised Google’s new social network Google+ saying it lacks originality, users and any appeal for software developers.

Ryan, who is Facebook’s ‘Director of Games Partnerships’ said that “Google has emulated aspects of our system, which is what they have the right to do. We just need to be better”.

He also took a shot at the Google+ revenue sharing system it holds with games developers, saying that whilst Facebook took 30%, Google+ could only take 5% because it had ‘no users’ – he went on to compare the situation to McDonalds trying to take on Starbucks in the coffee market.

Google+ has made a very positive start to its life as a social networking competitor, managing to amass 25million users in its first 2 months – Facebook took 10 months to reach 1 million – however it still has a long way to go to match the 700million plus that Facebook has since built up, and the billions of Tweets that Twitter deals with every day – whether they can do so is another matter.

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