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EU Decides Against Net Neutrality Legislation

The EU has officially decided against imposing legislation against a ‘2 speed’ internet, in a blow to net neutrality campaigners. Some ISP’s (internet service providers) have been pushing for a multiple tiered internet, which would see certain functions and websites take priority over others in the speed in which the data is delivered, and the content you want is displayed on your screen.

The EU commission made the decision not to impose further laws, ruling that media scrutiny and IS’s providing sufficient information to customers about their connection speeds would be enough to ensure the internet stays ‘Open and neutral’.

Internet service providers have argued that ‘traffic management’ and speed control are critical for keeping services such as voice call software Skype to keep running well, whilst counter arguments from opposer’s say that it will lead to net discrimination, with many suffering at the hands of severely slowed internet connections for ‘less authoritive’ websites.

Whilst it is doubtful that ISP’s would damage speeds dramatically – more for their own good than anything – the sound of a multi-tiered internet does sound like a bad idea to me personally, especially when SEO and CRO can be largely effected by loading speeds, and if it were to take to long for a website to load, they would potentially lose large amounts of traffic.

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