Dijitul watch the Olympic Torch in Mansfield

We decided that as the Olympic Torch was coming through our home town – we would close up for a hour and go and see it in the flesh. The weather turned a bit sour, but as we ventured into the town centre the rain turned to sun and we thought we had been blessed with sun for when the torch actually arrived!

Unfortunately the rain started again, but it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits we just put our umbrellas and hoods up and waited in the rain like proper English folk.

The convoy started coming through about 11:45, and the torch and sponsor vehicles came through about 13:14 – exactly when they said they would!

The graffiti you see dotted about the route was supplied by High Impact Graffiti – if you want any graffiti work, canvasses, cars, walls etc please visit the site and get in touch with Luke.


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