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Dijitul on David Cameron

I was reading an article this morning on the Real Business website and was shocked to hear that David Cameron has announced that over £200m will be invested into a network of elite technology and innovation centres with the aim of driving growth to the UK’s most high tech industries.

We have heard from Vince Cable, the Business Secretary that such centres will help take ideas from the drawing board to the market place and will play a key role in helping firms develop new products and processes allowing them to grow and prosper.

I wonder if this proposal will actually come to light and if it does, will it be a total waste of tax payers money? We have only recently been informed about the demise of Business Link and how much money was wasted over a number of years not to mention all the other government back projects around the Country which have been a waste and just been a ticket for some ex business owner to be placed on a huge salary for ticking boxes!!

After being involved in the business world for quite some time now I have yet to see any positives from David Cameron and his team, yes you may be scrapping a few things but are looking to replace them with something just as bad!

As a business owner, I would really like to speak with David Cameron to give my views as a business owner and what I believe to be a younger and more pro active way to look at certain things. There are so many areas which are not being supported right now, one of which is the world of e-commerce, something that WILL over take the retail industry in the next ten years, in my eyes anyway!

Anyway, lets see what happens……

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