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Now that we have a full team, bigger office and are starting to make even more waves we thought it was the right time to invest in a water cooler.

Most of the Dijitul team drink Tea and Coffee during the day but have always had bottled water provided to them as well as cordial, diet coke or whatever they fancy at the time.

Being the nice people we are and wanting to keep the team happy, in addition to our Pizza Fridays and random treats throughout the week we now have a super cool water cooler thanks to AquaID and can now enjoy the taste of fresh spring water. It will also make nicer cups of tea and coffee as the council don’t tend to supply nice water nowadays, the water here is terrible.

The cooler was installed this afternoon and has kept us nice an hydrated ever since, the water is lovely and cold. It’s mad to think that for the past four plus years we have been using filtered council water for our hot drinks, the difference in taste is amazing!

If you do not have a water cooler in your office, I would strongly suggest you get one and provide fresh drinking water for your staff, they will love you for it! Stay Cool!

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