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Cheeky Hardcoded Access to Clients eCommerce Store

robberOur clients often come to us with websites they have had developed somewhere else – sometimes the websites are awesome, made well, with the right elements taken into consideration to enable them to succeed in the SERP’s – but unfortunately, most of the time they are garbage.

We’ve had some site in particular that as we delve further and further into the really bad coding, we are finding things that make the team here at dijitul physically sick.

For starters, they had themselves hard coded into it so that they were receiving any emails that were sent through the contact form on the site, and were being notified every time there was an order placed!

We found out yesterday that the cheeky buggers also hard coded themselves an admin account so that they can log in and check stuff whenever they want, too.

I guess when you don’t know much about the internet and things like online shops – you don’t know what to look for or ask for when you have one built. Just be wary – and if you are spending a lot of money having something developed then make sure you go with a reputable company who will speak to you in plain English.

Also, unless you truly need to – stay away from customised shopping cart platforms – as they might tick all the boxes now, but in 6 month/1 year down the line they will need changing/updating and it costs a lot of money. Pre-made software is usually modular, so things can be added and removed fairly easily.

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