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Cheeky Attempt at a Lower Adwords Cost?

We’re always keeping our eyes on the competition, seeing where they are going and what they are doing/working on. I feel like its a close community around here, despite no 2 web development companies in Mansfield talking to each other.

cheekyFrom time to time we notice new players on the field, usually via Google Ads (the quickest way to be seen) and we always have a good look at them so we can try and find out if we know them, have worked with them – and should be worried!

I was in my email today, and i noticed a Google ad for a company that id never heard of before, so just clicked on the ad to see who they were, and noticed that they had spelt something wrong in the title of the advert.

My initial impressions were that they had just made a typo – easily done if they were doing their Adwords Campaign late at night! Then I started to think about other reasons for them making the mistake – maybe they had done it intentionally?

The way adwords works, is you pay a fee that is calculated based on how popular the keyword is you want to rank for – so the more popular, the more expensive. Maybe this company had spelt the main keyword wrong, in an attempt at getting the ads cheaper?

The more i thought about it, the more my opinion swayed towards them simply making a mistake when adding the adverts – as ive set a few campaigns up for people, and you choose the keywo0rds you wish to rank for on a separate page – and it doesn’t go on the ad content.

Also the ad appeared on my gmail – and im not the greatest at spelling but I know I didn’t spell design like that, anywhere on any emails!

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