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British Government Watching Your Web

According to figures released by search engine giant Google, the British government is one of the most likely in the world to request information on peoples web usage.

The ‘Transparency Report’ listed 26 developed countries in order of how often their governments requested data. The USA had the most requests with 4,601, however when population size was taken in to consideration, they slipped to fifth and the UK which made ¬†1,162 shot up to second.

The top 5 were as follows –

  1. Singapore
  2. UK
  3. France
  4. Australia
  5. USA

Details were not released on the specific details requested, however it is thought that web search terms, emails and Youtube activity will be amongst it.

Information was also released on countries who made the most requests for content to be taken down from Google, where the UK’s 38 requests were significantly lower than Germany who made 118 requests, and Brazil who topped the chart with 263 requests.

Despite the British governments higher tendency to requests browsing information, this should not scare you away from the internet, as it is still a safe place to operate, and the best marketing tool available.

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