Are you making the most of your Marketing spend?

Are you in control of your own marketing? Or do you rely on an external marketing agency that keeps things cryptic and confusing, meaning you dont really know what is and isn’t working for you?

We have onboarded a few customers recently that were at the end of their tether, spending money left right and centre on paid google ads and other forms of digital marketing, but were not actually sure what was working and what wasnt – so they keep paying for things that could actually be a waste of time and money.

How do you ensure your marketing investments are working?

Here are a 4 ways to ensure you keep on top of your monthly marketing spend;

  1. Conversion Tracking – there are many free tools available that can track the conversions that come from paid google ads and other paid platforms. For eCommerce websites, these services can tell you how much revenue you have earned from certain keywords, allowing you to block out the poor performing ones which then results in a great ROI on your paid marketing spend
  2. Analytical Data – we’re all familiar with Google Analytics and similar data gathering services – well being able to fully understand and interpret the information contained within these platforms can help you make informed, data-led marketing decisions rather than opinion based decisions and/or simply copying your competitors (they may have it wrong, too!)
  3. Full Visibility of Spend – a few of our PPC customers have come from other digital agencies that used their own “portals” that sit in front of the Google Ads platform, meaning they couldn’t see how and where the budget was fully going. This is a red flag, as we know that there are certain paid marketing agencies that keep bits of the budget instead of spending it on the clicks/impressions – so ensuring you have full visibility of where your money is going, is vital.
  4. Transparency & Communication – if you do work with an agency to help you with your marketing, its important to keep in constant communication with them. You know your business and your industry better than they ever will, so you are the best person to lead the marketing push – using the agency to support you instead of letting them take care of it all. The agency should also involve you in any marketing decision and keep you fully updated with what they are doing on a regular basis.

Here at dijitul, we operate a 100% transparent marketing and support offering – we do nothing behind closed doors and bring all customers into our project management system so you can see team discussions and interject at any time.

Are you ready to get those marketing £’s working harder yet?

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