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Apple Becomes Most Valuable Brand

iPad, iPhone, iTunes, these are all products which are known throughout the world and have boosted parent brand ‘Apple’ to the status of the worlds most valuable brand.

The annual ‘brandZ’ studywhich has seen everything search and SEO giant Google rank top for the last 4 years, showed that Apple’s iPad and Iphone have helped increase the brands value to an estimated $153billion (¬£93billion).

This goes along with last years ‘most valuable technology company’ ¬†list where Apple managed to overtake Microsoft to take the top spot.

Peter Walshe, global brands director at ‘Millward Brown’ has put Apple’s success down to great products, meticulous attention to detail, but also ‘breaking the rules of pricing’, acting as ‘luxury brands’ to, by using a high price to increase peoples desire to get the products.

Of the top 10, 6 were telecoms or technology related, the full top 20 of values and changes from last year can be seen below:

  1. Apple – $153bn, +84%
  2. Google – $111bn, -2%
  3. IBM – $101bn, +17%
  4. McDonald’s – ¬†$81bn, +3%
  5. Microsoft Р$78.2bn,  +2%
  6. Coca-Cola Р$73.8bn,  +8%
  7. AT&T – $69.9bn, unchanged
  8. Marlboro – $67.5bn, +18%
  9. China Mobile – $57,3bn, +9%
  10. General Electric – $50.3bn, +12%
  11. ICBC – $44bn, +1%
  12. Vodafone – $43bn, -2%
  13. Verizon – $42bn, N/A
  14. – $37bn, +37%
  15. Walmart – $37bn, -5%
  16. Wells Fargo – $36bn, +97%
  17. UPS – $35bn, +35%
  18. HP – $35bn, -11%
  19. Deutsche Telecom – $29bn, N/A
  20. Visa – $28bn, +15%

*Social networking giant Facebook ranked at number 35, worth an estimated $19.1billion.

This list gives a good perspective of the economy and markets at the moment, with web and technology definitely being the way forward.

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