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Apple Unveil iCloud Service

The world of computing and technology has taken yet another revolutionary step as Apple have unveiled their ‘iCloud’ online service.

The iCloud aims to synchronise all of a users digital Apple products such as Mac, iPad, iPod and iPhone – for example, if a song were to be downloaded on one, it would then become available across all platforms, similarly with films, apps and bookmarked websites.

Apple founder Steve Jobs – who returned from medical leave for the event – said that iCloud is necessary because ‘the PC is no longer the digital hub of users’ digital lives’ and later went on to state ‘We are demoting the PC and Mac to just be a device, and moving the digital hub centre of your digital life to the cloud’.

Apple’s service will cost $24.99 per year in the USA – UK prices have not yet been announced – and they will go head to head with both Google and Amazon who have also unveiled web based music storage systems, however they both lack support from record labels and the ability to copy a pre-existing music playlist.

At the same event, Apple also discussed updates of their iOS operating system which runs on iPhone’s, iPad’s, and iPod touch’s, with upcoming updates set to include integration of Twitter with the camera so as to increase the ease of posting pictures online.

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