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Apple To Make Decision On Google+ App

A Google employee has revealed that the search giants have officially asked Apple to approve an iOS app for its new social network Google+.

For Google+ to succeed it will need to make itself available through as many devices as possible, including iPad and iPhone, meaning that they will be crossing their fingers and toes in hope that Apple accept the app for its app store.

However, Apple are known for exercising rather strict controls over what can and cannot run on its platform, and in the past have rejected two Google apps – Voice and Latitude.

Should Google fail with their bid to get a ‘native app’ approval, they will be restricted to a browser based application, meaning they miss out on the publicity of being in the app store, and also the push alerts, which tend to get a user more involved.

An Android app for the service is already available, so Google will be hoping greatly the app is accepted, giving them a strong platform on Apple products too, however with the worlwide publicity and brand power that Google has, even in rejection, they will continue to power on in their attempts to dethrone Facebook as the king of social networks.

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