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Anonymous Hackers Threaten Facebook

Some members of hacking group ‘Anonymous’ have reportedly announced that they are planning one of their largest operations ever for the 5th of November – ‘destroying’ Facebook.

The planned ‘bonfire night’ attacks are thought to be motivated by the privacy issues that often surround Facebook, and the fact that more private information than most people are comfortable with is often stored or even released. The ‘hacktivists’ – who have taken down several high profile targets in the past – also claim that Facebook providing governments and and security firms so that they can spy on people is also another large factor in their motivation.

Whether or not the attack is legitimate, just a threat, or put together by someone unrelated to the group trying to make news is unclear, however a Twitter account claiming to be the group has admitted that some, but not all, of the groups members are involved in the plot, named operation Facebook – FYI — #OpFacebook is being organised by some Anons. This does not necessarily mean that all of #Anonymous agrees with it,” read the tweet from @anongroup.

Taking down the multi-billion dollar social networking leader which has around 700million worldwide users will undoubtedly be the hackers biggest operation to date, and will also put to test how much support they have from the internet community, who have generally so far found amusement in these anti-authority attacks.

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