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Anonymous Hackers Plan Social Network

Hacking group anonymous, who have gained international recognition  over the past few months with their hacking attacks on high profile targets such as Paypal and Visa have announced their intentions to start their own social networking alternative to Google+.

The move comes after several pseudonymous Google+ accounts said to be supporting the hacking group were shut down, something which follows claims from the group that Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube had also banned supporters.

The social network called ‘AnonPlus’ already has a holding page up which gives information of the developers who are working on the website, and also a explanation of the website, which it claims will be a ‘new social network with no fear of censorship, or blackout, nor of holding back’ and goes on to say ‘there will be no more tyranny’ .

Despite claiming to for anyone, hacker or not, and to be a place free of any censorship or judgement, it is highly unlikely that AnonPlus would be able to take on the might of multinational corporations such as Google and Facebook in the social networking market, however, with the recent international press coverage the group has gotten, you can be sure that those larger companies will definitely be keeping an eye on future developments.

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