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Affiliate Marketing with ShopWindow

We’ve recently had the pleasure of working with a chap who owns a shed load of really cool domain names. He has got us involved to help him develop some of the domain names so that they are not going to waste. We’ve already done the UK Top 40 website, and that is going really well so far – and we’ve now moved on to some other stuff that is – how can i put it – not the kinda stuff we would normally get involved in!

A week or so ago we put a very basic wordpress site on as we wanted to test the water with a basic site and an old domain name. Its currently page 3 on Google for Maternity Pay – with NO SEO whatsoever! This means that once we put a proper website on there we should hit page one no problems.

Yesterday we launched the first version of our very first affiliate store on – Its using a really cool system from AffiliateWindow, called ShopWindow and after some chopping and styling i managed to get it to show only the maternity wear section, and nothing else.

Its REALLY easy to install, and there are thousands of affiliates to chose from so you can tailor it to your needs very easily.

If you are interested in joining the Affiliate Window platform, then click here – or give us a call on 01623 650333 and we can arrange/set it up for you and build the site for it to go on.

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