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Yahoo Clues, The Newest SEO Tool?

Yahoo! are currently in the process of testing out a new service to once again try and take on the might of Google.

Currently in its Beta stage, Yahoo! Clues is Yahoo’s attempt at providing a useful SEO tool. Although it is currently only using US data for its results, Yahoo! Clues is a search engine trending service, providing information on certain search terms, for example, State and area where that search is most popular, the time of day in which it had the most searches, age and sex preference for that search term, and even income – 65% of people who search for SEO Company earn between $25k and $50k per year.

The overall purpose of the service is very similar to that of Google Trends, a way in which people can find all sorts of information about a search term, and then use that information to market their site, and whilst Google has a large majority in the number of searchers, Yahoo! seems to have taken initiative with this and provided some more useful information that Trends missed out on.

Whilst Trends provides the place where the search was most popular, and the time over the past 6 years, Clues offers the useful information of who the prime demographic is for the search term, anything from a male above 65 who earns under $25, to a female under 24 who earns above $75k.

With this information readily available, giving the ability to market and SEO your site, aimed at the majority demographic, Clues could in time prove to be a very useful tool. However, with Google still having the much larger share of the search market, and other tools such as their keyword tool, analytics and webmaster tools, whilst Yahoo! Clues seems a nice idea, it is unlikely it will be the Google killer, that Yahoo! are striving to find.

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