Working in the Woods

Being tied to a computer screen (Or three, if you are a dijitul developer!) everyday, can be draining – both physically and mentally. Office work isn’t traditionally tiring but our team put so much efforts into everything they do, it’s important to balance that with a comfortable relaxed working environment.

Thats why moving our office into the middle of the woods was the best thing we ever did.

We had looked at the Ransom Wood Business Park before, but at the time the available offices were not quite right for us. However, due to a change in circumstances last year we revived the discussions with James at Ransom Wood, and low and behold an office that was perfect for us came available.

Nearly one year later and Ransom Wood has never felt more like home.

Being part of a proactive business community like this has been brilliant – the other businesses in our building have all become friends, and we get on very well with the on site staff who are more than helpful when it comes to sorting things out for us.

Additionally, Ransom Wood’s Facilities are second to none – the restaurant is superb, and the free events and seminars put on by the team are fantastic.

Moving to Ransom Wood and working amongst nature has helped us focus our digital agency, its helped us streamline our business and our staff have never been happier.

If you’re ever passing and want to chat to our team about how we can help your business, then drop us an email and we’ll get a fresh pot of coffee on.


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